Iraqi Forces Halt Assault on Mosul after Air Strikes Death

Iraqi Forces Halt Assault on Mosul after Air Strikes Death. Terrorist in Mosul, IS uses civilians as human shields to protect certain buildings in the Iraqi city.

Reported by the United Nations, this is why coalition troops from Iraqi and US military calls to be extra careful in the recapture of the city.

The UN appeal follows an incident on March 17, where died in an explosion in western Mosul, 200 citizens.

It is unclear who is responsible. Eyewitnesses say the victims died after an air strike by coalition forces. But the Iraqi government says the buildings where the victims were, inflated by IS.

Today of the US military Mosul experts arrived in Mosul, which will investigate the circumstances of the incident.

The US chief of staff, Gen. Mark Milley said that there were indeed air strikes on March 17 near the collapsed buildings. But according to him is not clear who is responsible for the death of the victims.

“It’s quite possible that that building blew IS to blame the coalition, thus slowing the attack on Mosul. But it can also be done by the air raid of the coalition. We do not know yet.”

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