Interpol Warns 173 IS Suicide Bombers Trained for Europe Attacks

The international police organization Interpol has spread a list of 173 IS bombers who may be trained to carry out suicide attacks in Europe. The attacks would be retaliation for the military defeat of IS.


US military has found the data in IS area, reports the British newspaper The Guardian. European anti-terrorist organizations have been afraid that now that IS loses ground, terrorists will go to Europe to attack here. There are currently no indications that the people on the list have already arrived in Europe.

The list was distributed on 27 May by Interpol among countries that are affiliated with the organization. The organization then wrote that it’s about warriors who “might be trained to make explosives to make as many victims as possible.” They could travel internationally and indicated that they were prepared to commit suicide bombings.


On the list are the names of the suspects, since they are affiliated with IS, their last known address, the mosque where they pray, their mother’s name and many pictures. For each warrior, an ID has been created, so that countries know where to watch the border.

Interpol has also asked several Member States whether they have more information about the names on the list. In this way, they hope to find out more about the warriors, as if they were previously convicted, whether they travel a lot and whether, for example, fingerprints are available to them.

According to European Intelligence Services, there is a likelihood that lone wolves will travel to Europe from IS to commit attacks. Two years ago, the UN said that around 20,000 foreign warriors were active in Iraq and Syria, of which 4,000 were from Europe.

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