Increasing Standby Time of Smartphones

Mobile industry has experienced tremendous growth in the past decade however; the most revolutionized mobile technology of past decade is that of smartphones. Smartphones are not only integrated with advance technology but also offer wide range of functionalities to user. Due to this reason these phones have become an important part of everyday life of

Due to this reason these phones have become an important part of everyday life of common person and used for wide range of purposes such as for entertainment, business uses educational purpose and much more. Because of its enhanced usage, batteries of these mobiles are consumed quickly. People are always searching for different ways to increase standby time of these smartphones.

There are different ways to increase battery life of your smartphone and some are as follow:

Managing Display
Smartphones are usually equipped with large display that certainly requires more power. By managing your display you can increase standby time offered by your mobile. Some important steps to manage

Some important steps to manage display of your smartphone are as follow:

•    Reduce the brightness of screen however; you should not select a setting that makes it difficult for you to interact with mobile.
•    You should also adjust display of your mobile such that it uses dark tones in background. Bright color display drains battery more quickly. If your display is OLED it will require no charge from battery when set to black background so technically speaking display will be off and showing nothing. However, LCD display requires back light whether the display is set with white background or black background so it will consume more battery than OLED.
•    You should adjust settings of mobile so that when your mobile is not in use it would automatically go to standby mode. This will certainly reduce use of battery and increase its life.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
For connectivity settings you should disable your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when not in use. Many people never bother about this instruction and keep their Bluetooth on even when they are not using it. This will not only consume more charge but your mobile will be more prone to hacking. Therefore, disabling these options will help you increase life of your battery and also help you secure your device.

Automatic Updates
It is common observation that people keep their automatic updates on. These notifications keep your mobile working. It is also recommended that while updating your mobile you should keep it attached you power supply this way your battery will not have to do extra work.

Enable battery saver mode
This is quite evident that enabling, feature of battery saver mode can enhance life of your battery. Along with reducing usage of battery this mode will also ensure efficient working of your mobile.

Charging smartphone
When you use original chargers of your smartphone they are completely compatible with mobiles and therefore when your mobile is fully charged they discontinue charging it any further. On the other hand if you use any random charger with your mobile it will damage your battery and also effect efficiency of your mobile.

If you are frequent user of your smartphone then it is quite obvious that at the end of the day your mobile will be deprived of any charge. Therefore, it is recommended that you charge mobile when battery is almost drained so that it can be charged properly. Charging your battery repetitively can also cause damage.

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