Hundreds of Deaths from Floods in Zimbabwe-Thousands Homeless


Flooding in Zimbabwe has up till now, certainly 246 people killed. Also, about two thousand people are homeless, according to the local government.

The African country is plagued since December by heavy rains and flooding. There are bridges and washed out roads. Some areas are therefore completely closed. President Robert Mugabe now talks of a national disaster.

Especially the south of the country has been affected by the floods. There are flooded dams, especially five bridges on motorways have gone and roads have become impassable in some places. The Air Force has been deployed to remove people from confined areas.

Zimbabwe is facing a financial crisis and thereby, for example, officials barely pay their salaries. In addition, doctors and nurses in hospitals have stopped work because of their salary.

The government now puts doctors from the army and police to help people. The country has asked for $ 100 million emergency.

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