Germany Will Limit Travel With India

Germany plans to ban most travellers from India. According to government sources, this decision will be officially announced on Monday.


Travel traffic would be limited due to concerns about the Indian corona variety.

In Germany, 25 infections with this variant were known until Saturday. This mutation of the coronavirus may be extra contagious. Several countries have already decided to limit travel traffic with India.

According to the sources, there will be some exceptions to the entry ban. Germans and people with a residence permit, they say, are still allowed to return from India but must present a negative corona test before the trip and be quarantined upon arrival.

India is currently in the middle of a severe second corona wave, which experts say has not yet peaked. Hundreds of thousands of people are tested positive every day.

Due to the many infections, the test centres cannot cope with the influx. Hospitals are also overloaded; there are not enough medicines and beds for all seriously ill corona patients.

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