Protests in Myanmar for Army Chief to Travel to Top Neighboring Countries

Demonstrators in Myanmar have taken to the streets to ask for support from the regional country organization ASEAN.


He will receive the leader of the military who has seized power in the Asian country on Saturday, to the anger of some supporters of the deposed civilian government.

Myanmar has been in chaos for months because of the military coup. The army arrested government leader Aung San Suu Kyi in early February. Security services have since responded with deadly violence to civilian protests demanding the restoration of democracy. Hundreds have already been killed.

Coup leader Min Aung Hlaing will attend a summit of regional leaders from ASEAN countries in Indonesia this weekend. This led to protests in the Myanmar metropolis of Yangon. Demonstrators had taken signs with inscriptions such as “ASEAN, please side with the people of Myanmar.”

Parliamentarians who have formed a shadow government say they have not been invited to the ASEAN summit. They have called on Interpol to arrest the army chief. There would also have been contacts between politicians from Myanmar and top figures from surrounding countries.

Saturday’s international meeting will take place behind closed doors. According to sources, a break in violence may be proposed to allow humanitarian aid from abroad in Myanmar. A special envoy may also be appointed for a dialogue between the junta and the shadow government.

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