Features of Extra Long Bunk Beds


Bunk bed is the type of bed that maximizes the area of your room without interrupting the other area. It is the best to opt for those who have number of family members more as compared to the number of rooms available in their home.

Extra-long bunk bed is best suited for those who cannot compromise with their comfort but beside this they need extra space in their room. There are certain reasons that let them to say no to a standard sized bunk bed. Here are some reasons to prefer bunk beds extra-long.

For the sake of extra comfort:
Extra-long will surely give you an extra comfort because the mattress designed for it will be more than 5 inches above the foundation. This bunk will be more in sturdiness as compared to standard sized bunk.  It will let your teen or an adult to sit without the fear of being fallen due to breakage.

Cost effective and trendy:
These bunks being sturdy in nature havefewer chances of breakage while being larger in area. It can be designed better according to your taste and comfort.As your kid grows up, you will never feel the need to replace the bunk bed as they are long enough to accommodate your grown up kid.

Extra- long desk:
If you choose a loft with extra-long features it will help your child in study as well because it will maximize the desk area attached with your lot. It will permit you child to do his work properly without any hindrance. Moreover he can keep a computer over there.

More storage capacity:
As with extra-long bunk you must find extra storage capacity, you can consider a bunk with stairs that are designed as drawers. More storage capacity keeps the room of your child neat and clean because everything will be kept in an order.

Mutual understanding:
Siblings of the same age with little difference can develop mutual understanding by sharing a common room and it is just possible with extra-long bunk that will be able to fit two teens in a room. It will promote mutual understanding in them. This feature is only seen with this type as two of them will feel comfortable in a larger bed.

Extra-long stair case:
Extra-long bunk will have long stair case. It will protect your child from falling apart if you consider this bunk for your children. As it will have the stairs with lager area or width it will minimize the risk of being hurt.

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