Facebook Extends Ban on US Political Ads

The ban took effect on November 3, the day of the US election, and was intended to prevent abuse and confusion. Now the company is announcing to advertisers that it is extending that ban for another month.


“While multiple sources have identified a victor, we believe it remains important to avoid confusion or abuse on our platform,” Facebook told advertisers in an email that Reuters checked.

The exact term is not fixed. According to Reuters, the term can be extended or shortened. Google also has a similar ban but does not comment on the length. That depends on the full count of the votes and any unrest among the population.

What neither of them says literally is that such a ban should prevent campaigns from being launched to question the outcome.

Incumbent President Donald Trump has repeatedly stated that he does not believe in the current result, losing to future President Joe Biden.

He refers to wild stories of fraud, specifically with ballots by mail. However, a week after the US election, there has been no indication of large-scale fraud.

The allegations rely mainly on claims from the Trump camp that has built up a solid reputation for ‘alternative facts’ over the past four years.

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