Everything You Know about Labrador Retrieving and Puppies Training


“It’s called the Labrador. The finest most blood sporting, hunting dog ever seen by the face of earth”

Labrador is often called a Gun-DOG. It is reckless and on point when utilized by hunters. From a historical perspective, Labrador is one of the most popular breed among the other dogs and Labrador retrieving and puppy training is one of the most entertaining conversations lately. If you are going to buy a Labrador, you will be delighted to know that it is a hardworking and good natured dog. It is bred to be both friendly and compassionate. It considered as a highly useful working dog.

Now here are some interesting characteristics about this breed.
1.    It adapts well to the apartment setting.
2.    It is excellent for new dog owners.
3.    Its sensitivity level is outstanding.
4.    It tolerates being alone, in fact loves being alone.
5.    It has an amazing tolerance towards cold weather.
6.    Has even more tolerance for hot weather.
7.    It is surprisingly affectionate towards the owner’s family.
8.    Unbelievingly kid friendly dog.
9.    It’s a dog friendly dog.
10.    Very friendly towards the strangers.
11.    High drooling potential.
12.    It is very easy to groom.
13.    It has a great potential for weight gain.
14.    Easier to Train.
15.    An excellent play mate.

But no matter how friendly the dog is or how a good a breed it is. We have to be thoroughly informed about how to raise a dog that is socially well behaved and a compassionate companion. So first of all here are some tips on Puppy Socialization:

What is Puppy Socialization:
It is the process of acquainting your new dog to a various experiences, people and events which it might come across as an adult. As a dog owner it is our responsibility to help the small little puppy to grow into a self-reliant, confident and pleasant natured dog.

By the way puppy socialization time period is very small. It is the first fourteen weeks when you can take him to the obedience school and teach him all the socially desirable habits, such as – not biting as the primary learning.

The easiest way to teach a puppy how to socialize in a given time period is to make a list of all the socially desirable habits. Make a timeline and check off achieved milestones every days. Re-inforce the dog to show him that you notice and appreciate his behavioral growth.

Socialization can be divided into two stages
1.    Pre-vaccination
2.    Post- vaccination
4 major areas that you should socialize your puppy about
1.    People specially babies and toddlers.
2.    All kinds of vehicles
3.    Other Animals
4.    Locations.

The most important learning during puppy socialization is – NOT BITING!
If your dog is biting, you have to address this issue immediately. First of all you have to understand that why dogs bite? There are three most common reasons.

1.    Excitement: You never know he is only excited or overwhelmed. And maybe it’s not even a bite, it’s a friendly nib.
2.    Attention: or the lack of it. Sometimes the dog can only pretend to bite you to get your attention or to divert your attention. So, pay attention!
3.    Poor bite inhibition: You have to make sure that you discourage his very first act of biting or being harmful to any one whenever it happens. If you are going to let it go, you probably have to let your bones leave your body slowly but surely.

People in fact mostly children give off signals to the dogs that are misinterpreted by them, hence there is a conflict in communication and the dog ends up biting the recipient. So in order to discipline a dog to keep him from biting people, we have to learn ways to interact with the dogs in the right way.

Also you have to observe if your dog is relatively more playful, or overly energetic you have to channelize his elevated energy into positive one while engaging him sports and running.

Having a well-trained dog will certainly change your life for the better. You will love how your friends and family admire you for such a healthy and well trained dog. And you will look back at the time you invested in shaping it into a well groomed companion and be a proud parent.

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