Deputy Prime Minister Raab Says Johnson Didn’t Lie About Lockdown Drinks

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson did not lie about the lockdown drinks held at the Prime Minister’s residence, according to Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab. Instead, Raab says Johnson thought they were work talks.


“The suggestion that the prime minister lied is nonsense. He was very clear when he said it was a work meeting,” Raab said. The drinks were held weekly at 10 Downing Street, even when that was not allowed under British corona rules and, according to several sources, a lot of alcohol was drunk with it.

Raab declined to comment on whether Johnson should resign if he lied. “That’s all speculation.” The pressure on Johnson from the opposition and his own party to resign is mounting because of “party gate”.

Johnson apologized to parliament last week for his attendance at one of these rallies on May 20, 2020. At the time, the UK was under a strict lockdown and gatherings with so many people were banned.

According to a former top adviser to Prime Minister Dominic Cummings, Johnson himself has agreed to let the drinks continue. “Other eyewitnesses will state the same if they are under oath.” The Prime Minister sacked Cummings in November 2020.

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