Common FAQ Related to H2B Windows Grant Scheme

Help 2 Buy Window Grant Scheme is a unique scheme that helps you get new doors and windows for your home. The windows grant scheme is set up to help the needy people across the United Kingdom to improve energy efficiency and lower the energy consumption level in the country. H2B Windows scheme is not affiliated with the UK government that funds 100% of your installation cost.

People surf for the common FAQs about the Windows Grant Scheme. So, below are the basic FAQ about this scheme.

Who Provides Money for Windows Grant?
The windows grant scheme is a unique scheme that was launched in 2018 with the motto to serve the people by funding 100% for their doors and windows. It is an initiative that uses the money earned through private donations and the company profit. It is a non-government scheme that is not affiliated with any UK-government or third-party organisation.

How it Decides, Who Will Receive the Grant Benefits?
The Grant windows scheme is made with some set of guidelines and qualifying criteria. To get this benefit, you need to qualify the scheme. Due to limited funds, the H2B has the decision to select the persons who will get the windows & doors replacement without investing a single penny. Single parent homeowners with disabled or ill children; or people with a low income (below £10,000) are eligible to apply for this scheme. With the increase in funds, there is a possibility that the number of qualified people may increase, and the company can help needier.

What if I Qualify for the Grant Scheme?
If you are one of those qualified people, the company representative will get in touch with you and share further details. Some series of questions will be asked to ensure you meet the qualification required for the grant scheme. In some cases, the company may even ask for proof of your circumstances.

What if I don’t qualify for the Grant?
Help 2 Buy has a wide range of windows and doors alternatives that is available for purchase. If you don’t qualify for the grant scheme, you will be offered varied options that can be selected as per budget and requirement. However, before transferring your application for the other options, you will always be asked to maintain your happiness.

What if I qualify But You Don’t Have Enough Funds?
There might be a critical situation when the Grant Scheme has shortlisted your name for the 100% funding for windows and door replacement. In such a case, the H2B Windows Grant will keep your name on the list, and you will be served whenever they will get the funding. You will be informed about the status, and under the ICO & GDPR guidelines, your information won’t be shared with anyone else without your permission.

Can I Withdraw my Application?
In case you don’t find it feasible to continue with your application, you are free to take your application back. However, in such a case, you will be out of the list and won’t get the Grant benefits.

So, these are some important but mostly asked FAQs that everyone should read before applying for the Windows Grant Scheme.

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