Reasons to Consider Basement Maintenance and Repair

Wet basements are often inconvenient and expensive for businesses and homes. In addition, wet basements cause more damage to structures than do dry ones, costing twice as much to repair. To prevent a flooded basement, check your yearly basement maintenance for any preventive steps you can take. As a property owner, managing your Cincinnati basement waterproofing, heating, plumbing, and electrical work can require some extra planning on your part, particularly since wet basements are usually more difficult to remedy.

Prevent Leaks:

Preventive basement maintenance begins with checking for leaks around the home’s exterior and in the basement itself. Leaks can compromise the finished basement walls and floors, causing damage to the interior as well as the exterior. For example, a dry basement has no visible or detectable water leaks, but a wet basement reveals moisture moving in from outside. This can significantly compromise the structural integrity of your home and may lead to foundation repair.

Preventive basement maintenance includes inspecting and fixing leaks in the basement’s floor drains and windows. A high percentage of basement water problems originate with the foundation. Foundation repair is necessary if foundation walls are not positioned correctly. The foundation supports the entire building structure, including the floor joists and ceiling. If foundation problems are allowed to go unchecked, the home could experience roof collapse, structural damage through falling debris, and possibly, eventual failure.


Dampness caused by winter snow accumulation along with mildew in the air causes dampness throughout the home. Unfortunately, dampness creates the perfect environment for mould and mildew to grow. Mould and mildew produce unhealthy odours, which may make inhabitants feel uncomfortable. Proper basement maintenance will address these issues.

Improper Waterproofing:

Improper waterproofing of basement walls is the number one cause of structural damage. In addition to causing health problems, structural damage to a basement can lead to mould and mildew growth. Over time, foundation repair will be necessary to remedy these growing problems. Improper waterproofing of walls not only compromises the structural integrity of your home but can also negatively impact your ability to pay property taxes. Regular basement maintenance prevents this potential tax loss.

Sump Pump:

Your basement waterproofing system generally includes a sump pump. Your sump pump removes excess water from your basement and replaces it with household sewage, as needed. Many basements waterproof recommend checking the condition of your sump pump at least twice a year. Problems with your sump pump can result in flooding or leaking and may also attract vermin that can create health problems for inhabitants of your home. In addition, regular basement maintenance checks your sump pump and removes any accumulated debris that might be blocking the pipes.

Basement dampness can be a very unpleasant and dangerous issue. Fortunately, there are some effective ways to combat excess moisture. Most of these techniques require nothing more than a few minutes of work each day to keep basements dry and safe. Many of these methods effectively address small issues such as wet basements, while others effectively prevent serious problems such as mould growth and mildew. You should consider all of the options available to you regarding basement maintenance and repair and consider hiring a certified, reputable professional to help you with the process.

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