Bitcoin Value Rebounds After A Sudden Drop


The virtual currency bitcoin’s on Friday night in one fell swoop become significantly less value. The share price dropped quickly to 18 percent after it became known that the US stock market watchdog SEC does not agree with a proposal to set up a so-called index tracker for bitcoin.

Such a tracker had made it much easier for investors to deal with the currency. Immediately after, no, “the regulator dropped the value of the volatile virtual money to less than $ 979, and then it again to show a slight recovery.

Last week Bitcoin risen with over $ 1327 yet its highest value ever.

In recent months there has been a sharp rise of bitcoin shares. The coin is a resource under more popular among Chinese people to circumvent currency restrictions.

There was also considerable speculation by investors on a relaxation of the rules for bitcoin by the new US president Donald Trump.

The electronic payment method exists since 2009 and is not uncontroversial. The bitcoin is also widely used by criminals, especially because it is quite possible to perform with anonymous payments.

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