Australian Police Release Footage of Toddler Cleo’s Rescue

Australian police have released footage of the rescue of toddler Cleo Smith, who was found in the bedroom of a house after a primary search. Australia was under the spell of the search for the girl for weeks. He disappeared from a tent overnight during a camping trip.


An investigation eventually led police to a house in the town of Carnarvon, just minutes from where Cleo lives with her family. In a short video of the police, the girl can be seen being carried away in the arms of a police officer. “We’re taking you to your mom and dad. Is that all right?” another policeman asks Cleo, who nods.

“She seems to be doing well physically, but there are doctors with her. According to broadcaster ABC, it would be inappropriate to say more about that,” said a senior police officer after the rescue. Authorities have also released a photo of Cleo in the hospital. There she smiles and holds an ice cream.

The agent who found Cleo in the house called it “without a doubt” the best moment of his career. He asked the girl for her name, but she didn’t respond at first. Only when the man asked the question a third time did the toddler answer. Finally, “I’m Cleo,” she responded. The girl has also been reunited with her family. Her mother said on Instagram that “our family is intact again”.

The police arrested a suspect. It is about a man who has no ties to the toddler’s family. It is still unclear what exactly he is suspected of. According to ABC, a local resident said it was a “quiet man” who recently started buying diapers at a local supermarket. “We didn’t realize who they were for.”

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