Google Wants to Enable Two-Step Verification for Everyone

Google seems to have started automatically transferring accounts to two-step verification. This means that users can no longer log in with just a name and password.


Google announced last month that it wanted to steer a range of users toward multi-step verification. Some 150 million Google accounts that are currently password-only protected should be automatically transitioned to two-step verification by the end of the year. According to tech site Android Police, that process has now started.

So-called ‘two-factor authentication’ (2FA) means you enter your password to log in to an account and use the second form of verification. That can be a physical key or an authenticator app like Google Prompt, standard on Android phones.

Banks have been using the 2FA system for online banking, such as ItsMe or the card readers. What Google seems to be doing now is making that 2FA mandatory for users. So, for example, you will no longer be able to log in to your Gmail or other Google service with just a username and password.

First of all, Google says it automatically transfers people who already have the necessary backups, such as a phone number. Then, the company can send a text message or an email address to restore your account.

That the company is starting to require 2FA is not a big surprise in itself. After the many database leaks we’ve seen in recent years and people’s tendency to choose passwords that are easy to remember, the classic system isn’t secure anymore.

Those who do not yet have 2FA on their Google account and do not have a 2FA key, such as Yubikey, can easily use the system with an Android phone. It usually has the Google Prompt app on board as standard, with which you receive a notification when you log in on a new device. On iOS, you will need to use the Google Search app, Gmail app, or Google Smart Lock app for the same service.

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