Apple Removes VPN Apps from Chinese App Store

Apple Removes VPN Apps from Chinese App Store. Apple has taken away all the great VPN apps in China from the App Store. This allowed users to bypass online blockades from the country.


The change was first noticed by ExpressVPN, a VPN provider located outside China. According to the company, all major VPN apps from the Chinese App Store have been removed.

With such a virtual private network, users could still visit blocked websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

ExpressVPN shared a screenshot of an email from Apple, which states that the app was removed because “it contains something illegal in China.

” In other countries, VPN apps remain available. The provider says surprised and disappointed by Apple’s decision. “We are very sorry that Apple China supports censorship measures.”

Earlier this month, Chinese providers became obliged to block VPNs from February 2018. Recently, GreenVPN provider has already been forced to discontinue its operations in China. By addressing mobile providers, VPN usage could be stopped on a larger scale.

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