Canton Fair: An Open Platform for Businessmen

Technology is a never ending matter today; instead, it is evolving to next level with the each passing day. To introduce the common man about different technology advancement, techno fairs are held at various global locations.

Canton Fair is one of such big platforms for import and export businessmen. This is the best opportunity for international companies to gather on one platform and gets a closer introduction of Chinese goods and on the other face introducing overseas goods for Chinese buyers, this is how the expansion of business is going in canton fair.

Visitors from different countries (especially from the US) visit the fair and strengthen the inter-country relationship. The relation of Sino-US matters a lot at this place. After Donald Trump takes charge as US president, his administration is expected to take significant steps to promote the trade within countries.

Since now, the relations between two countries were in a dense platform. For this, some global level fairs are required to be promoted to bring both the countries together. Canton Fair is one such platform that strengthens the ties between these two countries.

Well, these American buyers are very much interested and focused on the trade of electronics, household electrical, consumer goods, gifts, home decorators, toys, kitchen appliances, furniture’s, textiles and garments, etc.

So, a trade fair like this can be a tremendous opportunity for them to share the technology advancements across the globe.

Simple tips and procedures for attending fair:
• Be casual and in a comfortable outfit as the complex is quite large to walk around.
• Check and go through the potential suppliers in which you are interested then it may be company, factory, agents or brokers.
• Gather information about the concerned supplier and take a visit to the location if you have enough time.
• Keep mind attentive and set up your mind to follow the aspects like packaging, shipping, payments terms, etc. and yes one of the major things is to check the quotation of the product.
• As a businessman, keep yourself organized and maintain all the records of the suppliers you met and about their goods or services.
• Massive and terrible traffic jam is to be faced if you leave at an odd time. Beat the rush and leave the complex before 5 PM to get the pleasant experience of the fair.
• You can get the clear picture and answer of your queries about the potential suppliers such as about the export licenses, target customers, production lines, outsourcing the manufacturing processes, etc.

Well, as per the Sino-US trade data the recovery of United States, market demand increases on a large scale. During the first quarter of the year, Guangdong’s imports and exports to the United States increased by approx. 12%. An increase of 15.5 percentage points year on year, pulling the province’s import and export growth of 1.5 percentage points.

So, those who are interested and are willing to expand their business on an international platform can surely attend the Canton fair. Here duo of the tasks are on the high peak, on the one hand, you can expand your business by interacting goods manufacturers, the same eon the other hand enjoying the visit and knowing the new technologies and goods.

Recently the 122nd edition of Canton Fair is going to be held in coming October. The official website can deliver the detailed information about the event.

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