Amazon Wants to Hire an Additional 10,000 People in the United Kingdom

Online retailer Amazon wants to hire an additional 10,000 people in the United Kingdom. Due to the corona pandemic, the American company has recently been much busier than usual.


This announcement seems to indicate that Amazon expects consumers to continue to shop online en masse after the pandemic.

Amazon thinks it will need more staff at its offices in London, Manchester, Edinburgh and Cambridge, among others. Employees could also start working at Amazon Web Services and the operational organization. The announcement will bring Amazon’s UK workforce to 55,000 by the end of 2021.

The concern has been expanding rapidly recently. Amazon hired about 500,000 people worldwide last year, bringing its total workforce to 1.3 million at the end of March. And that’s not all. On Thursday, Amazon said it needed another 75,000 new delivery and distribution centre employees in North America. It was also announced there that Amazon employees who have been vaccinated and provide proof of it would receive an extra 100 dollars.

Amazon isn’t the only US company offering a vaccination bonus. Retail chains such as Dollar General, Kroger and Target, among others, have already provided extras in the United States for vaccinated staff. In doing so, the companies hope to make themselves more interesting for employees now that many American companies are looking for new employees.

Amazon also offers a bonus of up to $ 1000 to anyone who joins the company. The tech company also increased wages for new employees.

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