The US Have Left Kandahar Base After Almost 20 Years

The US has completed the decommissioning of the large military base in Kandahar, Afghanistan. It was the second-largest base of US troops in the country.


Kandahar, 450 kilometres southwest of the capital, Kabul, is the country’s second city, and the region is known as the birthplace of the radical Taliban.

Fighting continues in the region between the Taliban and Afghan forces. Just last week, American fighters have been in action from the base against the advancing Taliban. The Afghan army has announced that the last Americans left last Wednesday.

An Afghan officer complained anonymously that things are now going to be very difficult for the armed forces. For example, the Afghan planes cannot fly at night and night operations against the enemy are extremely difficult. He thinks that the Afghan army is left to its own devices.

Kandahar airport was also the first airport in Afghanistan that the Americans opened in 2001 after invading the country.

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