8 Best Online Freelance Ghostwriting Jobs Platform in 2021


Numerous freelance writers are looking for work at home jobs given the budgetary advantage. However, most of them are scared to pursue this because they are scared of getting scammed. This is nothing to worry about but, you have to be careful. There is a great deal of legitimate freelance writing jobs out there, which can help you earn a ton of cash while doing so.

However, there is a catch to it. You will not be getting any credit for your article once you sell it to someone else. The article will be posted under some other person’s name but, you will be paid for your work. This is known as ghostwriting.

Given below are the absolute best freelance ghostwriting gigs that are accessible on the web:


  1. Freedom with Writing:

Opportunity with Writing is an excellent site with extraordinary employments for freelancers. You will quickly find some of the best ghostwriting jobs at reasonable rates here. You need to run with a legitimate site when searching for secret writing openings. There are so many fake websites that promote scams but, you can be guaranteed that this site does not fall under that classification. 

  1. Guru:

This site has been around for quite a while and is said to be comparable to Upwork. There are many jobs posted every day, so it is likely that you will not leave the side empty-handed. It is reportedly said the writers on this site had earned over $200 million, which means a great deal about the success rate on this site. The customers are happy to pay for quality work, and you just need one opportunity to awe your customers. All you require is your first customer, for whom you can produce an outstanding piece of work and your career as a freelance writer is bound to take off.

  1. BlogMutt:

Another incredible site for freelance writers who are searching for paid gigs in the United States is BlogMutt. It is fundamentally a freelance writer system for contract and a place where organizations, who do not have sufficient energy, assets or talent to write the posts themselves, come to buy content for their own websites. BlogMutt helps in matching these organizations with the writers who satisfy the list of requirements put out by the organizations.


  1. Upwork:

Upwork is the most popular website for people looking for a freelance ghostwriting job. Numerous ghostwriters use this platform to make a full-time salary based on the measure of work available on Upwork.

  1. Freelancer:

Freelancer is the site where freelancer ghostwriters bid on job postings. The site offers some of the best freelancing opportunities and is also considered one of the best platforms for tutors after Studygate.com. However, the majority of gigs are for different types of writers and developers.

  1. Writology:

This extraordinary site offers customers and writers high-quality work at competitive prices. There is no motivation to end your agreement when you are working superbly. It requires investment to construct a relationship of trust with customers, which is very easy due to the features provided by this platform.

  1. HireWriters:

Freelance writers prefer this platform if they are looking for guaranteed work in bulk but, the rates offered on this site are meagre in comparison.

  1. Toptal:

You can earn a significant amount of work from this site; however, quality and consistency are not guaranteed.

Before you get into it, you must decide whether you are okay with this or not. While you might be worried this is cheating but, it is just another way of earning money. We require cash to live, and this is an outstanding choice to make some money while doing what you cherish.

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