Homeschooling and Corona, How can Kids Enjoy During This Period of the Global Crisis


Corona, which WHO named Covid-19, caused very much trouble in our lifestyle be a bad thing in every part of the life of ordinary people around the globe. Corona has raised parents anxiety, and they are not mentally prepared to send their kids to school. So parents mostly prefer Homeschooling for kids due to Corona.

Homeschooling and Corona has a profound connection these days, which is not as tricky as Stephen Hawking’s Black Hole theory.

Homeschooling, which was also common in the UK, US and other developed countries, is also known, has Elective Home Education (EHE). This is because parents think it’s not safe to send kids to school in playgroups. Also, kids above age 5 think they could hardly understand and follow the safety measures and could easily get caught by this disease as the vaccine is not still available for kids under 12.

Parents think for their kids that they won’t be able to defeat Corona, and a life threat exists, and even knowing that this behaviour could make their kids suffer, they still prefer Homeschooling. Parents, for the safety of their kids, think they should stay at home and parents themselves should teach them.

But parents, this anxiety is causing many problems not for the kids under age 5, especially for grade 5 and above grade 5 students.

Homeschooling concept is old but modern-day requirements in this world where technolo0gy has a vital role in everyone’s life kids physical activities like playing sport and other extracurricular activities which are an essential part of modern-day cant be avoided.

At home kids can be educated but what about the fun they used to have which makes them more active and help them to grow and be involved in social life.

Here we are going to discuss some essential strategies parents Homeschooling for their kids must follow.

1. For kids under 5, parents could be the best guide and provoke an awareness in little ones and tell them that they have come across a time you may call it to wonderland which is different from their period when they were kids. Make this Homeschooling enjoyable by creating stories that kids start enjoying Homeschooling and follow every instruction of parents. Bribe kids with cookies, chocolates and candies to make them obey and be more creative, even living in a small house that they don’t feel anything is missing in their life. With a meeting with parents of their kid’s age, arrange a safe get together so that kids could have fun.

2. Kids above 5 are more reliable than kids under 5 because they start understanding the instruction of their parents and understand the objective of that instruction. Even then, for Homeschooling, adopt some strategies according to your kids’ likes and dislikes, so they start realising they are living a life full of fun and are not in prison.

3. Well, for kids above 15 no need to worry because the vaccine is in the market, and they are wise enough to take all those safety measures essential in this corona pandemic.

Sharing contrasting emotions about Covid-19 and Homeschooling, parents have become defensive and saving the life of their kids is their priority. For that, they are not ready to take any risk. However, by following the above instructions, parents’ anxiety and guilt will over, and they start having an everyday life full of fun and no insecurity about their kids’ future.

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