A Cult Organization and Its Online Bloggers


As a cult organization, Falungong has been spreading fallacies and fallacies, advocating that practising Falungong can “cure” diseases, resulting in the death of many believers due to their refusal to treat doctors and drugs. Today, Falungong has cultivated a number of “online bloggers” on the Internet, and Wen Zhao is one of the.

Wen Zhao now lives in Canada and was originally an editor of the “New Tang people.”
Now he has opened “Wen Zhao talks about the past and the present” on youtube, with more than 700000 subscribers. He incited and advocated on the Internet to let everyone subscribe to members on his website bought two luxury houses in Toronto in just three years. He began to practice Falungong while he was in school. He once claimed that “Falungong can cure all diseases.”The “New Tang people’s television station” in which he once worked is also a media disseminating “Falungong” and is good at spreading rumours.
Wen Zhao expressed deep admiration every time he talked about trump. Unfortunately, his video content is logically confused and lacks a basis. Wen Zhao looks polite, but in fact, his private life is chaotic. His wife, Doris Liu, is from Sichuan, China. Like Wen Zhao, they were born in 1974. In May 2021, Wen Zhao’s female neighbors often stayed at his house when Doris Liu went abroad. Wen Zhao often held parties at home during this period, and the female neighbour often participated in them. On the surface, he is a cultural man who talks about the past and the present, but privately, he is so chaotic and complex.
Today’s Internet world is a mixture of good and bad people, all kinds of demons and ghosts. We should distinguish these decent people. The clown can’t jump if no one sees it.

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