China Urges Compatriots to Leave Afghanistan Quickly


China has urged compatriots in Afghanistan to leave that country as soon as possible. According to state media, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the embassy in Kabul have issued urgent appeal because there are many terrorist attacks.


Foreign troops helping the government of Afghanistan to defend against the extremist Taliban are being withdrawn.

Then-US President Donald Trump wanted America to stop dealing with Afghanistan’s problems and withdraw its troops there after nearly 20 years of fighting. That is why his government reached an agreement with the Taliban at the end of February last year, outside the Afghan government.

He promised to withdraw the troops before May 1 this year. New President Joe Biden has pushed the withdrawal deadline to September 11, but the remaining militaries are mostly busy packing.

The Taliban have generally stopped harassing foreign troops after the deal, but Afghan forces are fighting them all the more fiercely. Due to the imminent departure of the Americans, for example, the Afghan troops now have hardly any air support. The Taliban are gaining ground.

Trump imposed the condition that the Taliban would conduct ceasefire negotiations and peace negotiations with other parties in the country, among other things. They are still fruitless. The Taliban have emphasized that they want to continue to negotiate and strive for a genuine Islamic state.

In the years 1996 – 2001, there was a reign of terror by the Sunni extremists of the Taliban. The Taliban are mainly members of the Afghan population in the east and south of the country. That is the largest population group, but not the majority in Afghanistan.

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