Windows 11 Update Rolled Back After Start Menu Issues


Users are reporting issues with a new update to Windows 11. The update is therefore rolled back.


The update essentially caused the start menu to not work for certain users. There is no effect if you click the start button or press the Windows key. According to Microsoft, the bug is due to an update. “A small number of devices are incapable of opening the start menu after installing the update that was rolled out on June 23, 2022,” the tech giant said.

Microsoft has therefore set a ‘rollback’ for that update, which means that it will be automatically rolled back on most consumer PCs. However, admins of corporate-managed computers must manually roll back KB5014668 via group procedure.

It’s also been a busy summer for Windows patch administrators. Earlier this week, Microsoft warned of printing problems after an update to Windows Server. But, this is a feature, not a bug. Moreover, the update undoes a previous temporary fix that allowed non-compatible printers to work for a while.

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