German Union Calls for Lufthansa Ground Staff Strike


The German trade union Ver.di calls on the ground staff of the airline Lufthansa to stop working for one day on July 27.


With the warning strike, which is due to start on Wednesday and will run until 6 am Thursday morning, the union wants to increase pressure on Lufthansa to come up with a better wage offer for the company’s approximately 20,000 ground workers.

Last week the union Vereinigung Cockpit warned of a possible strike by Lufthansa pilots in August. According to an internal report from the pilots’ union, negotiations on a new wage agreement are said to have stalled after six rounds of talks. However, both the pilots’ union and Lufthansa have indicated they are prepared to negotiate further.

Lufthansa has already cancelled thousands of flights for the period until the end of August. Just like Schiphol, the group is struggling with staff shortages.

In the aviation sector, jobs were massively cut during the corona crisis, and now the sector is struggling to recruit new people while the demand for flying is picking up again. Current employees are also demanding more wages due to the increased workload.

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