Ukraine Examines Russian Eurovision Singer Yulia Samoilova


The first Song festival seems to be started, the Secret Service of Ukraine has started an investigation into the Russian singer Julia Samojlova, possibly in her wheelchair coming performance at the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev in May.

The Ukrainian authorities announced on Monday that they’re going to figure out how the 27-year-old singer in Russia Crimea peninsula has arrived. Crimea belongs to Ukraine legally.

Julia Samojlova was with her song is Burning Flame on Sunday, the Russian entry for the Eurovision Song Contest.

But the Secret Service suspects the Russian singer that she has performed in the city of Kerch in the Crimea in June 2015 and then had come from Russia.

In Ukraine there is a hefty prison sentence on traveling to the Crimea on Russian territory. Kiev wants own words make no exception for her.

Crimea was annexed during a violent political crisis in Ukraine in March 2014 without bloodshed by Russia. An estimated half of the two million population is ethnically Russian, but internationally it is as occupied territory to book.

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