Former Egypt President Hosni Mubarak is Released


Former President Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, who had precipitated hard in 2011 demonstrations against his regime, is now released.

Justice in Egypt has ordered his release, Egyptian state television reported. The 88-year-old Mubarak earlier this month appealed acquitted of the slaughter of dozens of demonstrators.

In early 2011 were 239 people at demonstrations against the Mubarak regime. The army seized in blood at these demonstrations. Ultimately, these demonstrations led to the fall of the president who was in power since 1981.

Hosni Mubarak was initially sentenced to life because of the bloody depositing of demonstrations. In 2014, decided on appeal that the trial had again.

So that ended in an acquittal. Mubarak is stuck in a military hospital. He has a sentence of 3 year for corruption.

Probably the former president will set free this week.

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