UK Early Elections-British Parliaments Approve Theresa May Proposal


The House of Commons has tremendously ahead for early elections. 522 MPs rallied behind the proposal of Prime Minister Theresa May to allow the elections take place next summer. Only 13 voted against it.

The outcome of the vote does not come as a surprise. Several opposition parties had already made known in May to help the needed votes, posted by eBuzzFeed.

The prime minister said early elections need to be found for the negotiation of the British withdrawal from the European Union.

May argued that political unity and therefore requires a new mandate for the talks on the ‘United Kingdom and Gibraltar European Union membership referendum.

The next elections were originally planned for 2020 but will now take place on 8 June. Negotiations on the British departure from the EU begin, according to the European Commission after the elections.

“After June 8, a new British Government that the negotiations in the course of June can begin”, said a spokesman for the executive board of the EU Wednesday.

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