Uber Pays Millions to Settle Discrimination Case


The ride-hailing service has settled with the US government because it made people with disabilities wait too long and overcharged for a ride.


Uber will pay out about 65,000 passengers with disabilities. The United States Department of Justice said it had settled with the company in a statement. The service violated the rules on discrimination against people with disabilities.

The company charged them extra waiting times because they needed more time to get into a car. That is discriminatory, according to American Justice.

Uber will also not charge waiting times for registered people with disabilities for the next two years. The matter was raised by the government last year. In a statement, Uber called them surprising and disappointing at the time.

The company says its procedure is to refund waiting for fares when a passenger with a disability points it out to them. In addition, the platform offers accessible rides, sometimes with assistance, but that’s not the case in every city.

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