Brits Brace for New Heat Record

The United Kingdom is bracing itself for the heat expected Monday and Tuesday, which will see a never-before-issued code red in parts of England. A temperature of 40 degrees may be measured for the first time.


The UK’s current heat record is 38.7 degrees. This temperature was measured on July 25, 2019, in Cambridge, England. According to the Met Office meteorological service, there is a good chance that it will be warmer on Monday or Tuesday than then. The highest temperatures are expected in London.

Met Office warns the cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester, Cambridge, and York, and the areas in between with code red of “extreme heat.” That means anyone can face serious or even fatal health problems. Code orange applies to the rest of England, Wales, and the south of Scotland.

Precautions are now being taken, especially in England, for example in public transport. For example, the subways in London run slower, and rail manager Network Rail calls on travellers to only travel by train if their journey is necessary. In addition, several public transport providers have adjusted their timetables.

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