Twelve Israeli Teenagers Suspected of Group Rape British Tourist in Cyprus

Twelve Israelis, ranging in age from 15 to 18 years, remain in the police cell on the Greek-Turkish island of Cyrpus for at least eight days, because they are suspected of being raped by a 19-year-old British tourist.


According to the woman, who was on holiday in the seaside resort of Ayia Napia, she had a new relationship with one of the suspects. But when she was in her hotel room with him, his eleven friends rushed in, after which the woman said she was abused for a long time.

The group rape took place yesterday, after which the Israeli group of friends could soon be arrested. Before their arrest, there were riots in the resort, because British tourists who had heard of the shocking incident wanted to get a story from tourists who looked Israeli to them. The police had to push several times to calm things down in the street.

According to police, the woman is “in shock.” She said that her rape was filmed and photographed by the screaming group. Whether that is the case remains to be seen. All personal belongings of the Israelis such as smartphones are currently being investigated. DNA samples were also taken from the women and boys involved.

Today the Israeli teenagers had to answer to a judge. Their parents assisted some of the boys. Some suspects burst into tears, British and Cypriot media report. The woman has officially reported group rape. The court records state that she was injured in the hotel room where she was allegedly attacked. There were scratches on her legs like that.

According to Israeli news channel Channel 12, three boys would have known to have had sex with the British. However, that is their statement, and it would have been tenderly, lovingly and with mutual consent. The teenagers were in Cyprus to relax a little before they had to serve in the Israeli army for the first time. Around this time, many of those young people visit the island.

The twelve boys all say they have been good friends with the woman. They say they don’t understand anything about her declaration. Nine boys deny having touched the woman with just one finger. The session today took place behind closed doors because a large proportion of Israelis are minors.

A representative of the Israeli embassy said today that boys are between 15 and 18 years old. The group must appear again next week. Based on interrogations of those involved and further investigation, a penalty will then be formulated.

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