Trump Travel Ban Partly Lifted by US Supreme Court


Trump Travel Ban Partly Lifted by US Supreme Court. Trump’s entry ban for people from six mainly Muslim countries may primarily enter into, the US Supreme Court judges. It is not a total ban on entry. “People from those countries that have a relationship with Americans may ask for an exception.


This applies, for example, to people with family in the US or an American employer.

The Supreme Court reverses the verdict of lower courts. In some states, courts blocked the implementation of the controversial entry ban.

The Supreme Court ruling in the US is seen as a victory for President Donald Trump. The entry ban applies to travelers from Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.

At the end of January, Trump issued a decree prohibiting all immigration from seven countries immediately. After a few chaotic days of protest, the court drew a line by the order, after which the president came up with a new version a month later.

He said that it took more account of the legal objections, but it was also successfully challenged even before it could enter.

Now the Supreme Court Trump has temporarily given its sentence. In the autumn, top US judges pronounce on the ban on entry, which until now is largely in force.

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