Trump and Jong-un will have A Meeting on June 12 in Singapore


The meeting between the US President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will continue anyway. They meet on June 12 in Singapore.


Kim Jong-un’s right-hand man, Kim Yong Chol, gave Donald Trump a personal letter from the North Korean leader in Washington on Friday. The president said that handing over the letter eventually became ‘a long conversation’. “The letter was fascinating,” Trump said. He believes that the situation with North Korea will ultimately evolve positively. ‘I think our relationship will start on 12 June.’

America will no longer talk about ‘maximum pressure’ against North Korea because both countries are now ‘on good terms’. “I am looking forward to the day when I can lift the sanctions,” said Trump.

Trump had recently urged Kim to “call or write” to him if he wanted the historic summit to continue. Earlier, Trump blew that meeting off, because of “huge rage” in Pyongyang’s statements. Trump let Kim Jong-Un know in a letter why the meeting would not take place. “I was looking forward to the meeting,” Trump says in the letter. “Unfortunately, because of the huge anger and open hostility in your most recent statement, I feel the long-awaited meeting as inappropriate, at this moment.”

In the days that followed, Trump said that the meeting could still take place. Pyongyang always wanted to continue the ‘historical meeting’. The North Korean leader is willing “to put an end to an era of confrontation thanks to a successful summit between North Korea and the United States”.

Trumps demands that North Korea ‘ denuclearise’ fully and. Kim confirms that he is still willing to stop the North Korean atomic program, but wants to get rid of the severe economic sanctions. “I do not think we will have to spend a lot of money on North Korea, South Korea will do that,” says Trump.

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