The Main Players of the Brexit can Take Everything Away


The Main Players of the Brexit can Take Everything Away. The British Prime Minister Theresa May, along with her Olly Robbins, thinks that she has the first victory with the current Brexit agreement. But her government has four more protagonists who can torpedo everything.


The task seemed impossible: to keep its party together while following the will of a majority of British voters and dragging the country out of the European Union.

Many times Theresa Mays’s political death sentence has been written in recent years, but determinedly the dutiful preacher’s daughter continued. She sees limiting immigration as the primary goal of Brexit, unlike those who dream of Empire 2.0.

When she chairs the extra cabinet meeting after the weekly question hour, the 62-year-old premier makes that with the realisation that not only the future of the country (and Europe) is at stake, but also her place in history.

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