Thai Football Players Found Alive in the Cave


Thai Football Players Found Alive in the Cave. The Thai football players who were missing for more than a week after entering a deep cave were recovered.


Thai media report that a British rescue worker has spoken with the boys. The boys asked how long they have been in the cave, where the rescue worker says that assistant is on the way and that they do not have to worry.

The rescue is still in full swing. “We found them, but the operation is not over yet,” says a local driver.

The football team, twelve boys from 11 to 16 years old and their 25-year-old trainer, went missing on Saturday, June 23. The parents of one of the boys called in the police when their son had not come home after training.

An extensive search was immediately set up. At the entry of the Tham Luang Nang Non-cave, backpacks, bicycles and training equipment from the footballers were found.

The boys had gone to the tourist cave for a day out and were probably surprised by heavy weather in the cave once. As a result, the water level in the cave rose, and they went deeper into the cave, looking for a safe place.

The Thai emergency services received help from colleagues from Australia and the United States during the week. The search in the cave was difficult because of the bad weather, which increased the water level in the cave.

Only the last two days the divers could get along, says correspondent Michel Maas. “The emergency services always pumped water out of the cave, but it was raining so hard that more water was coming into the cave than it was being pumped out, the last two days there was less rain, and the divers were able to get further into the cave.”

The hope was that the boys in the cave system had found a safe place. Whether they were found in such a safe place is not clear.

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