Terror in the Heart of London-Bodies Everywhere


Terror in the Heart of London-Bodies Everywhere. A few hours after the attack in London, there are many questions. Who is the killer and has he acted on behalf of a terrorist organization?

The attack took place just before 15:00 GMT. Near the British parliament, in the heart of London, a man drove his car into several pedestrians on Westminster Bridge. Then he lit a policeman dead at the entrance to the parliament building, as written by Town News.

There were three dead and twenty wounded. Came the bomber itself. He was shot by officers.

Most deaths and injuries were passersby. They were injured by the perpetrator drove into them.

“There were quite literally everywhere bodies, ten to twelve bodies lay in different places at the bridge. It was horrible, really horrible,” said an eyewitness.

Later, at the Parliament building, the car came to a stop against a fence. At that time it was a busy session in the House of Commons. Which was shut down in a hurry.

The parliament building is currently still searched by agents. The police assume that it is a terrorist act.

About the offender, it is officially still unknown. Social media got rumors about the identity of the suspect; a radicalized Jamaican. Those reports proved incorrect: the man is in prison.

British media circulated photographs of the alleged offender on a stretcher, with his side on the ground two knives that he would have used to stabbing down the agent.

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