Sony Comes With A VR Headset for PlayStation 5

The virtual reality device is getting new controllers, and you can connect it to your console with a single cable. Sony has confirmed that.


The PlayStation VR headset, with which you can play games in virtual reality, is getting a new version for the PlayStation 5, Sony’s latest console. That model should, among other things, benefit from the better graphics that the PS5 offers.

Sony reveals some details about the new device in a blog post. This includes the new controller, which should resemble the DualSense wireless controller that you use with the PS5.

The renewed headset should also be a lot easier to connect than the original PSVR. Instead of a whole series of cables, a single wire is sufficient with the new headset. The gadget also comes with its own tracking system, which may eliminate the need to stick a PlayStation Camera to your television set.

So nice technology, but it is not for immediately. The headset will not be launched this year, Sony writes.

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