Secret of Learning German Language by Diplomats


We usually are curious to find out the secrets of diplomats how they learn foreign languages. To reach the highest ranks, at least two foreign languages are needed in fluency, in reality, American diplomats speak three or more languages at least some proficiency. Although American diplomats don’t need to speak any language other than English upon joining the service.

Foreign services are not only for the training in a foreign language but they pay for that you do. The Foreign Service institute trains diplomats in 80 different languages. And the environment of different languages likes Spanish, German, Korean, in one place seems like air with the veritable united nation of speech. Some of them prefer online learning as this helps them to learn from other language students.

In FSI Routine:

Every department has their different way of teaching the language but the American diplomats do daily basis for learning the language. Diplomats are supposed to spend at least five hours, time working on the conversation, making presentation, interview, and reading. Classes rarely have the four students per teacher. In addition to classrooms, students are supposed to go to the language laboratories where they take the advantages of video and vocabulary programs.

In laboratories many channels serve them to learn German online with videos. Later, the classroom students are given homework to refine their grammar points and drill certain structure outside of the classroom. This helps students to improve their skills and chance to review anything in which they are having difficulty.

Goals through Examination:

Like everyone diplomat also have the goal at the end of the training. They have to pass an exam before they go ahead for the exam have the high level of ability in some very challenging languages like German Spanish and French.

In exam topics such as environment political system of the United States, education, military and many more are expected to converse which sometimes is not liked by the students. In addition to this; students have to interview a native speaker in the foreign language and then translate it into English. This portion is quite challenging, as one must control the conversation or else the interview will take charges and overwhelm you in the flood of words.

There is a reading program other than the speaking portion. Interagency language roundtable is the scale used by the U.S foreign services. Diplomats score depends upon the language studied as well as the job they fulfill.

As German is tough among all the languages, it takes a little bit longer time while other languages like Spanish, French or other romance languages they are given typically four months. FSI is doing good as it is doing everything to prepare diplomats for the best but it makes best for daily life. For example, if the student is specified in the German language he or she is given the chance to do an immersion trip to further boost their training.

Independent Learning:

If you actively participate in the classroom and doing all work properly so it’s quite obvious that you will do best in the exam. But you have to navigate the daily life. For this, you must take the training in your own hands. You can supplement with your own techniques. Find articles and blogs in German online that will be interesting and help you to practice your reading. You can go through various websites and videos in learning German online. Going online learning will further make you perfect in your language.

These were some of the secrets that how diplomat learns the German language. As learning the foreign language boost you up and your CV. And if you want to be hyper awesome to survive and develop some special advantage to get boost learning different language is important.

To unlock the job opportunities in the Germany most companies have the criteria of having the basic knowledge of German. In the United States about 15 % of the ancestry is composed of German. The German language pervades so much in the modern society and the people use to talk in German every day that they don’t even notice the incorrect words they speak. So it’s important to have correct knowledge of German language.

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