Russian Spied over Yahoo Hack-Accused by the US


Two Russian spies have been indicted in the US for hacking over Yahoo. They would have stolen the data of half a billion users from Yahoo.

These Russians are members of the Russian secret service FSB. They went among others to get names, email addresses and telephone numbers of Yahoo users.

The Justice Department in Washington said that the hackers with the Yahoo data also came from Google.

The spies Dmitri Dokoetsjajev (33) and Igor Soesjgin (43) put the hackers Aleksei Belan and Karim Baratov to work in order to ‘crack‘ over Yahoo.

Belan escaped to Russia and Baratov was arrested in his native country Canada, where he is stuck now.

He is the only one of the four people arrested. The mission of the hackers was to find out information from Yahoo on US government employees.

The indictment comes at a time when US-Russian relations are already difficult. Therefore, the accusation is that the Russians have tried hacking by influencing the US presidential election. Moscow firmly denies on this.

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