Russia Wants to Explore Venus with US

Russia wants to explore the planet Venus together with the United States. “We have arranged with the Americans on a common mission to Venus,” Dmitri Rogozin, the head of the Russian space agency Roskosmos, said Saturday night during an interview with journalist Vladimir Slovyov on YouTube.


Together it is easier to tackle this task from an economic and technical point of view, it was said. “Such problems are easier to solve together by using the talents of our scientists,” said Rogozin. The United States is also interested in this, he says. However, he did not mention a timetable.

The neighbouring planet Venus is the same size as Earth but is shrouded in thick clouds. Due to a strong greenhouse effect, temperatures on the surface of the planet rise to hundreds of degrees Celsius.

Russia already announced a mission to Venus last year. Then it was said that a probe could depart between 2027 and 2029. Most recently, the United Arab Emirates said they wanted to explore the planet.

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