Russia Tackles Twitter After Criticism of Illegal Content


Russian Twitter users may have to deal with longer loading times due to new measures by the government.


Internet watchdog Roskomnadzor says the messaging service has failed to remove illegal content. That is why the speed of Twitter in Russia is deliberately slowed, reports news site Moscow Times.

Roskomnadzor says the measure was taken to “protect Russian citizens and force the internet service to comply with Russian law”. Earlier this month, the regulator made it clear that Twitter risks fines for allegedly failing to delete thousands of messages containing information about suicide, child pornography and drugs since 2017.

Twitter slows down on all cell phones and many regular computers as well. It is unclear whether the measure has already taken effect. Roskomnadzor warns that Twitter could be blocked altogether if it continues to break the law.

The messaging service is also used in Russia by Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny and his allies. They criticize the Russian rulers via Twitter and announce protests.

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