Prince William: Our Family is Not Racist

Prince William and his wife Catherine made their first public appearance on Thursday since Oprah Winfrey’s much-discussed interview with William’s brother Harry and his wife, Meghan.


Upon arrival, William said that his family is certainly not racist and that he has not spoken to Harry yet.

“We are not a racist family,” said William briefly when Sky News asked him about the interview. Then when asked if he has talked to Harry about it yet, the Duke of Cambridge denied it. “But I do intend to.” William gave no more comment.

Since last weekend, the British Royal Family has been under fire because Meghan and Harry gave an explosive interview. Meghan said, among other things, that members of the royal family would have been concerned about Archie’s skin colour when Meghan was still pregnant.

Buckingham Palace responded Tuesday by saying it takes the allegations of racism seriously.

“The issues that have been raised, especially those of race, are worrying,” said the palace on behalf of Queen Elizabeth. While there may be disagreement about some memories, she says, “they are taken very seriously and will be discussed privately by the family.”

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