New Windows 11 Features aren’t Coming to Windows 10

The novelties that Microsoft is introducing in Windows 11, such as tabs in Explorer or the Do Not Disturb function, remain exclusive for the time being.


There are no plans to bring them to Windows 10 as well.

Microsoft announced this week Windows 11 Update 2022, the first major update package for Windows 11 launched last year. It contains several improvements specifically for Windows 11 but also adjustments that, in theory, can also come to Windows 10.

Just think of File Explorer, which now gets tabs, but actually works the same way in both operating systems.

But there are no such plans. Microsoft informs Data News that the new capabilities of Windows 11 will not come to Windows 10. That’s a shame for those who want to keep using the slightly older operating system, but at the same time, it also offers an incentive to upgrade.

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