Navalny Files New Case Over Prison Regime

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny has once again gone to court to protest his treatment in prison. The 45-year-old Kremlin critic took part in the hearing digitally. It is unclear when the judge will make a decision.


Navalny is repeatedly awakened at night in his cell because he is said to be a flight risk. He has been complaining for months about that regime, which he says amounts to torture. This case concerns the conditions in the Moscow prison where he was held in pre-trial detention earlier this year.

He lost a similar lawsuit over the penal camp, where he is now incarcerated, earlier this month.

Navalny was returned two weeks ago from a prison hospital to the penal colony in Pokrov, about 100 kilometres from Moscow. He ended up in hospital because he went on a hunger strike to demand better medical care.

The politician was imprisoned for 2.5 years in February in connection with a conditional sentence from years ago. He allegedly did not comply with the conditions when he was recovering in Germany from poisoning contracted in Russia.

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