Moving House: How Many Moving Boxes Do I Need?


How many moving boxes you need of course depends on the amount of stuff you have, and this varies greatly per person. Fortunately, based on the number of rooms in your house and the number of people moving, you can estimate how many moving boxes you need.

Below we have made an estimate for the correct number of moving boxes for different households.

How many moving boxes do I need as a single?

As a single, you can assume 10-15 moving boxes per room in your house. You will probably need 15 for the kitchen. If you have a lot of books at home, consider extra sturdy book boxes. It would help if you had 2 of these per meter of books that are in the cupboard. If you live alone in a 1 or 2-room house, you will need between 25 and 40 moving boxes.

How many moving boxes do I need as a couple?

As a couple, it is also best to expect 10-15 moving boxes per room in the house—count 15 boxes for the kitchen. Here too, you must count 2 book boxes for every running meter of books in the cupboard. As a couple in a 2 or 3-room house, you can, therefore, assume that you need between 40 and 60 moving boxes.

How many moving boxes do I need for my family?

Families with children automatically need a lot more stuff and therefore, more boxes. As a family, count on 15 boxes per room and 20 boxes for the kitchen. For a single-family home, this brings you to about 60 to 80 moving boxes. If you got more than one child, add 10 more boxes for each additional child.

Do your kids like to pack their own things? Then you might make them happy with a set of children’s moving boxes. This makes packing extra fun!

Other types of moving boxes

In addition to the standard moving boxes, other moving boxes can be useful depending on the items you want to move:

Clothes boxes: for when you have a lot of clothes that you want to transport easily and wrinkle-free

Boxes for glasses: do you have a lot of wine glasses or other glasses? You can turn any moving box into a glass box with the help of a compartment divider

Book boxes: These boxes are smaller and more reliable, so perfect for carrying heavy items such as books or crockery

Children’s moving boxes: fun to let the children put in their own things

Attic moving boxes: If you plan to store some things in the attic in your new home, use moving boxes with a sloping wall. They fit precisely under the roof.

Please note: these boxes cannot be stacked properly in the moving van.

Where can you buy moving boxes?

Moving boxes are available at the hardware store. It is also possible to order them online, and they will simply be delivered at home!

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