More and More Cyber Attacks on the US President Donald Trump Websites


Websites of US President Donald Trump have increasingly faced cyberattacks in recent months.


The Reuters news agency reports, which relies on internal emails from a cybersecurity company that watches over the sites of the Trump campaign.

The emails of July 9, addressed to top executives at cybersecurity company Cloudflare, stated that in the run-up to the elections, more and more attacks are being carried out and that they are also getting worse. The digital attacks are said to have peaked in June.

The perpetrators allegedly aimed their arrows at the website and the site of a golf club of the president. Cybersecurity experts concluded that the attackers might have been “probing” the digital defences. This makes it possible to map out what is needed to bring the websites down ultimately.

It is unclear who is responsible for digital attacks. Cloudflare did not comment on the content of the internal emails. The company is often engaged to protect websites against primitive DDOS attacks, in which sites are bombarded with internet traffic and thus become inaccessible.

Cybersecurity is under a magnifying glass due to the events surrounding the previous presidential election. Then hackers obtained sensitive information by entering the systems of the Democratic Party of Hillary Clinton, Trump’s political rival. WikiLeaks later put that stolen data online.

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