Microsoft is Making Outlook for macOS Completely Free


Tech giant Microsoft is now making its personal information manager Outlook free to Mac users. Until now, the macOS version of the popular program required a paid Microsoft 365 subscription.


Outlook combines an email program with extensive calendar functions and has long been regarded as the standard software in business environments. Apple itself doesn’t really have an integrated alternative, so Microsoft’s decision to make Outlook free for macOS users is pretty big news. Previously, as mentioned, the software was only available in a Microsoft 365 subscription, with prices starting at 69 euros per year (for the Personal formula).

Outlook for Mac – downloadable from the App Store – supports a variety of email accounts, ranging from IMAP over to Gmail and iCloud. Combined with extensive calendar functions, the program is also the ideal companion for the iOS version of Outlook, which has been free for some time.

According to Microsoft, the new version is optimized for Apple’s recent silicon processors. And unlike the classic Outlook version from Microsoft 365, the version from the App Store also supports the widget function of macOS and Handoff: this allows you to continue working in Outlook on your iPhone where you left off on the Mac, and vice versa.

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