IDC Expects Fewer PC Sales Than Previously Thought


Market analyst IDC expects 403.1 million PCs and tablets to be sold this year, more than eleven percent less than a year ago. Improvement is only a few years away.


In December, IDC still expected that 2023 would be suitable for 429.5 million devices, which will be 26 million less, the company says, amounting to 11.2 percent fewer devices than 2022. Of those more than 400 million devices, 142 are .3 million units of tablets.

The decline is partly due to less demand, but macroeconomic conditions such as a strong dollar also play a role. At the same time, IDC points out that there are hardly any corona restrictions today and that the backlog in hardware deliveries has been made up since the second half of 2022.

However, IDC remains partly positive for the market. Hybrid working and the roll-out of PCs in schools have increased the total PC market. At the same time, the company also expects a market revival after the discontinuation of Windows 10.

Given Windows 11 has several specific requirements, there is a good chance that consumers or companies will replace their devices, but that is only before 2024-2025.

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