Meta Wants to Compete With Video Site Twitch


Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is working on a competitor for Twitch. That is a popular video service for personal streaming channels, where games are the main part.


According to Business Insider, Meta’s new platform is called Super. It is currently in a testing phase and is only available to a select group of US users.

In the meantime, about a hundred content creators have joined Super. They have a choice of different revenue models. For example, they can charge users for additional content or attract marketing partners. In addition, it is possible for users to reward their favourite content creators with a tip.

The service will not be part of Facebook or Instagram for the time being. Meta reports in a statement to Business Insider that Super is “completely independent” from the company’s other platforms.

However, it is still unclear when Super will be finally rolled out and in which countries the video service will be available.

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