Meta Stops Smartwatches and Portal Hub


Facebook mother Meta would halt the development of a series of hardware products. Among other things, a wearable and the Portal hub for video calls will be deleted.


Meta announced the shutdown at a general meeting with employees, according to Reuters news agency sources. In practice, this involves the discontinuation of several divisions. However, virtual reality headsets will continue to exist.

But a project on smartwatches with which you can monitor your health and exchange messages will be scrapped. There would also be no new version of the Portal. That is the intelligent speaker with a screen that Meta released a few years ago.

The Portal was intended to make video calls more accessible, but it doesn’t seem to fit into the current metaverse strategy (or just wasn’t very popular). Its production and further development are therefore discontinued.

The tech giant Meta is working on a solid savings round this month. Last week, the company already cut more than 11,000 jobs. As a result, Meta’s (and a range of other tech companies’) sales have fallen in recent months, and profits have halved.

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